Privacy Warning about Canadian Tire

Unsure if this is across Canada or in selected stores or just in Quebec but Canadian Tire has a new scheme to attract people to use their credit card – but under the disguise of a marketing survey.

You walk into the front door [through the turnstiles] and they will hand you a slip of paper on the premise that you could win $5000. You are asked [not forced] to go to a bunch of terminals where you enter the code on a touch screen.

The terminal then asks various questions such as your name, your address, your phone number, your Email address, your date of birth, whether or not you are employed or not and your job title [even if unemployed]. If employed, I wouldn’t be surprised if they asked for the family income.

It then asks you how often you shop at Canadian Tire. That’s it [if I remember right]. Just one question that pertains to a normal survey.

What does it asks next? Whether you want a Canadian Tire credit card [I think it asked you again if you declined].

Right away, this is loaded with privacy issues? Why do they need any of the information they asked maybe other than your age or age group [not birthday] and your sex. Surveys generally don’t ask for much more. If you include valid information don’t be surprised if you start getting Emails and snail mail from them.

At the end of the “survey” and after not winning any prize, someone from Canadian Tire will ask something like “I see you didn’t request a credit card” – not anything else. Then they hand you a printed set of coupons [nothing spectacular] and their 97 cent “This bag is green”. Wow!

Looks to me like a credit card push and not a survey.

If you decide that you just want the free bag [:-)] give them some false information.

Update: Seems not all local stores are doing it. Still….


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