Fake support scammers are still out there

A reminder that if you receive a phone call from someone with an accent that sounds like it is coming from India or Pakistan, claiming that your computer has a problem [i.e. disk is crashing, sending out spam, virus infected, etc.] and are claiming [usually] to be from or on behalf of Microsoft, then they are scammers. Hang up.

This has been going on for a couple of years now and there seems to be no end in sight.

Novice computer users are at the highest risk because most will believe what the scammers say as the scammers use computer terminology that they don’t understand [and most of the time doesn’t make sense].

They will pressure you into paying for software that you don’t need and won’t work.

Whatever you do – do not allow them to access your computer or install anything they tell you to install. Malware will be installed on your computer and they then hijack your computer, holding it ransom. This is when they say you will have to pay them to clean things up even though they caused it. In all likely, even if it gets cleaned, it will never be the same. Better off removing your data and re-installing Windows.


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