Is the iPad overheating?

Here we go again. Another type of Antenna-Gate?

Apple denied any overheating concerns on the new iPad, 3 million sold already, saying that the product operates well within its thermal specifications. An Apple representative said that users should contact customer support if they have issues. [I guess Apple may try to keep a few things quiet this way instead of seeing complaints.]

But overheating concerns have started a few discussions on Apple’s forum web site, with posters saying the new iPad was noticeably warmer than predecessors. While some new iPad owners noticed no heating issues [the casual users most likely], others said the tablet gets quite warm on the lower left bottom of the tablet. Users also said the iPad became warm when playing games or running intense applications. Multiple posters in the forum claimed to measure the temperature on the glass reaching 38 C.

As well, Consumer Reports conducted tests using a thermal imaging camera and recorded temperatures as high as 46 C. Those temperatures were reached when playing an action game, Infinity Blade II, after 45 minutes of running time. The temperature of the room was 22 C, and the iPad was being supported with the Smart Cover. Reviewers have also noted the new iPad being warmer than its predecessors.

According to Apple, the tablet has an operating temperature range of 0 C to 35 C, which is the same as iPad 2. The A5X graphics core has two more graphics cores than its predecessor. That plus a slightly faster CPU would lead most to believe that there would be more heat from the device and not the same as the iPad 2.

Additionally, the new iPad has a 42.5 watt-hour battery, which is denser than the 25 watt-hour battery in the iPad 2. It also adds slightly to the thicker iPad than the iPad 2.

Note that while an electronic device gets worm over a long period of time, constantly using a device with possible overheating could damage the device and may even slow down the device.


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