A review of the new iPad

Ok. Most of you know that I’m not an Apple gadget fan. But, I figured I’d make a few comments about their latest gadget – the “iPad”. Oddly enough, Apple didn’t give it a number or anything after the name. Reports first said it was the “iPad 3”, then the “iPad HD” [because of the screen] but even the Apple web site doesn’t say even that. Just the “new iPad”.

Onto compsarisons and thoughts. Some expected the faster A6 chip but instead got the A5X chip which is considered a dual core. In comparison the iPad 2 was the A5. Not a huge gain.

The screen resolution doubled in pixels horizontally vertically and in pixels per inch. It uses a quad core GPU for video power. That will probably suck some battery juice. The question would be the real use of an HD screen on a [roughly] 10 inch screen. Can you really notice the difference of a video in HD compared to one that isn’t on a ten inch screen?

The camera is at 5 megapixels. Considering most digital cameras are hitting 10+ megapixels, it isn’t a great improvement. Finally pictures are getting near digital camera quality. Video is HD [which can benefit the HD screen]. FaceTime camera is still in VGA quality. Not good.

The case is still about the same with it gaining a bit of weight [now 1.44 pounds, 1.46 pounds with Wi-Fi + 4G] and very slightly thicker. [There go some of those iPad 2 accessories].

3G has now been upgraded to 4G LTE but that will depend on coverage. As well, the higher speed could also reduces the battery life. Apple didn’t want to add 4G capabilities until they could tweak the iPad so the battery life [in theory] wouldn’t be much lower than the iPad 2. Only time will tell – but if there is any controvery [like “Antenna-gate”], this could be the area.

Some are already recommending in not getting the lower storage model [16GB]. Applications seemed to at least double in size in most cases. One has to wonder why there is a $100 difference between models when Flash memory isn’t that much different [if you compare a high speed USB keys of the same size].

Once again the battery is [officially] not removable. Like the iPad 2, it is difficult to open the new iPad case. Obviously Apple is making it difficult to open the case on purpose. They may say so that you don’t void the warranty – most say that you won’t try to change the battery in 18 months or so as you then won’t have to get the latest iPad then.

You still have to keep in mind whether you really do need the latest iPad. If you have the iPad 2, is there anything in the new iPad that is really advantageous to you? If you don’t have one, will it actually be useful or are you better off with [for example] the Kindle Fire at less than half the price, an Android based tablet, maybe even a Windows tablet [when Windows 8 comes out in 6 months or so] or just stick with a laptop as you know that you can do more with it.

Siri wasn’t added. I wonder why. Aside from the outage last November, there have been complaints that Siri is less accurate and not as fast [unlike the ads on TV]. Apple doesn’t publicize much but it still list Siri as a beta product. Releasing an unfinished product in a finished product? Not good. Apple needs to add more horsepower and servers in order for Siri to continue.


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