More on the Robocall scandal

You have to wonder with the most recent news about the so-called Robocall scandal.

Seems someone got access to the Conservative database of list of voters who wouldn’t vote Conservative and sent out over a 1000 calls in the Guelph area but also elsewhere across Ontario. If so, why have there been 31,000 complaints?

Even more interesting is that [according to a CTV report] only maybe a half dozen people have a password to access the database. Did someone who wasn’t cleared to access the database did? Wouldn’t that be considered a data breach? Is the party informing those in the database of the breach. I suspect no for the last question and yes for the others.

Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro, who’s been on the offensive since the scandal began, saying the Liberals were doing the same thing, got in trouble this week. Why? He had used a company called Campaign research [used by the Conservatives in other ridings] to send out Robocall like calls. Unlike when the Liberals were caught without saying who the call was on behalf of, Del Mastro did but only partially. A telephone number and a name — Jeff. Coincidently, the Liberal running against Del Mastro was named Jeff. Del maestro said it was his campaign manager named Jeff Westluke. Why would a campaign manager’s name be used and not Del Mastro’s name?

BTW, that same Campaign Research company was used to make the calls in MP Irwin Cotler’s riding [Mont-Royal] suggesting that Cotler was retiring. He isn’t at this time.


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