What’s with this Blu-ray combo stuff?

Is it just me or does anyone found that buying a Blu-ray combo useless? Why on earth would someone want a Blu-ray disc and the same movie [usually] repeated on a DVD? [Why I said usually is that sometimes, the Blu-ray will have all the extras and the DVD may just have the movie.]

If you have a Blu-ray player, what’s the point of having the DVD [except if you are illegally making a copy of it]?

Maybe it’s just a bit of a cash cow for the movie studios. In many cases, you buy a DVD and it may cost you $23. Buy the combo and it’s $27 It cost peanuts to make the DVD and adding proper packaging to house the disc doesn’t cost much either.

I suspect most people will never even watch the DVD.

While at it, why is it that some studios re-release DVD box sets in Blu-ray form that the movies are in Blu-ray but the “extras” are still on DVD? Granted most of the content is not in high definition. But this could actually cut down packaging. I’ve seen some movies that came on 3 DVD were released on a single Blu-ray without anything missing.

The 15-disc Lord of the Rings extended edition has 6 Blu-ray discs and 9 DVDs. The Matrix box set was released on 9 discs but only 4 were Blu-rays. Blade Runner Collector’s Edition was on 5 discs, 3 of them on Blu-ray.

Also of note is that some of the re-releases that contain both Blu-ray and DVD discs aren’t even including an updated DVD edition. For example, some of the titles in the Universal 100th Anniversary series contain DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 for the Blu-ray disc but the usually [inferior] Dolby Digital 5.1 for the DVD edition. The Blu-ray video is also cleaned up, while the DVD is the same as the original DVD release.


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