Robocalling is hitting new heights

So. Anyone heard anything about this Robocall scandal? 🙂

Wow. Getting interesting. About a dozen days ago Postmedia News and the Ottawa Citizen had broke the news of people across Canada getting odd calls during the last federal elections with the message from Elections Canada [but wasn’t] saying something like “Because of higher turnout, your voting booth has been moved” and will give a booth far from the current booth and non-existent. At this time, something like 30+ ridings may be affected – majority are usually Liberal held ridings.

Already a Conservative worker resigned [or was it fired – nobody knows]. The guy, who worked in one of the ridings and seen near Prime Minister Harper in the news clippings. But a company out of Edmonton called RackNine, an automated calling center, was at the center of the calls but they say they only do the callings and not the message that was sent. RackNine is in Harper’s area.

RackNine is taking NDP Pat Martin and the party to court because of calls Martin had said about RackNine. Martin has been a vocal critic of anything that has to do with the scandal. He said that a few days prior to the election, one of his constituents got a call and asked if they would be voting for the Conservatives. The constituent said no. A couple of days later, they got the fraudulent call.

Elections Canada, in conjunction with the RCMP, is investigating. Elections Canada had to bring in extra people as a hot-line accumulated 31,000 complaints [mostly Robocall related] compared to roughly 300 after an election.

Conservative party parliamentary secretary Dean Del Mastro said it was a smear campaign from the Liberals. He said “I believe the Liberal Party made these calls. … As far as we’re concerned, everything they have said in this regard is an unsubstantiated smear …. until they prove some evidence to the contrary.” Huh? He accuses the Liberals and says they should provide evidence that his claim is false but he provided no proof himself.

Of course, if and when someone is caught, there are fines and jail terms for denying someone the right to vote – let alone claiming to be from Elections Canada. That’s an if.


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