Windows 8 Consumer Preview Released

Windows 8 Consumer Preview as well as Windows Server 8 beta and Visual Studio 11 beta [all the versions] were all released yesterday [February 29th]. I guess the Microsoft servers [actually, it would be other servers that are mirroring Microsoft servers] are probably in full bandwidth mode the last couple of days.

Most who read this will probably be looking at Windows 8 Consumer Preview [for the sake of this long title, I’ll use the acronym “CP” for the rest of this blog].

You would want to see what is new with the CP. I have mentioned a few before such as faster booting up [thanks to the quasi cheating of placing part of the OS into hibernation prior to shutdown], the new Metro interface [which reminds most of a smartphone and which can be switched to the Windows 7 look] and more applications using the ribbon found previously in applications such as Office 2007 and Office 2010.

Good news is that hardware requirements are similar to Windows 7. As a matter of fact, if your Windows 7 laptop, desktop or tablet is “designed” for Windows 7, it should work with Windows 8 without a hitch.

I suspect that pricing should be similar to that of Windows 7 – although the final editions haven’t been announced yet.

Professionals would probably install the CP on a computer that they can wipe out or maybe in a virtual machine. Home users [usually with a single computer] don’t have the option.

But a word of warning before you try the CP: This is a preview. It is not perfect and will have bugs in it. It has an expiry date [probably somewhere near the release of the software at the latest]. So you don’t want to upgrade your current OS to the CP. Do not install on your every day computer.

You can grab the CP images at as well as further information at


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