Is Google on purposely ignoring certain web sites in “Your most popular sites”?

This is interesting. If you have Google as your default home page [I guess it wouldn’t make a difference in which browser], ever notice that Google’s own search site is always at the top of the list in their “Your most popular sites” [assuming you have it enabled]?

Even more interesting. I visit Microsoft’s web site a couple times a day or more and Facebook’s web site at least once a day and both aren’t listed. I also go to WordPress several times a week. I’m sure I visit others. I also visit one site maybe once or twice a month – and yet it’s in the top 10. Go figure.

Regarding Google’s web site, they claim that because many people use the search page as their default page, they only count the search page once per user [per day]. If that statement is true, then Microsoft’s site and probably Facebook’s site should be on top – but they aren’t even listed.

Interesting to note that Microsoft’s TechNet web site is listed but that site isn’t using the domain.

I would assume the top 10 would be for a certain number of days [or even a week] as just for 24 hours would be useless.


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