Are the Habs done?

They didn’t seem to have much if anything in the first half of the game and showed limited life for the second half on Sunday night.

Some already wondered if the team is done after they traded Hal Gill and a conditional 2013 fifth-round pick to the Nashville Predators, getting back Blake Geoffrion, Robert Slaney and a 2012 second-rounder. Gill has a bigger contract. Gill is an unrestricted free agent after the season and may not play much more than 25 games. He’s also 36 years old.

Neither player the Habs got will immediately help them with Geoffrion heading for the minors. In case you didn’t guess it, Blake Geoffrion is Boom Boom Geoffrion’s grand-son. He also knows little to no French. 🙂

So at best the Habs may pick up an extra second round draft choice this year. Of course, knowing them, they’ll go after a defenceman.

Seriously, we will know in a week if they are in dead after the trading deadline ends – if they dump further “above average” players [not many left!]. But one wonders why?

They’ve been improving of late. At or above “500” for the last couple of weeks, slowly climbing up the standings. They [if they can score] can probably pick up the games needed to squeeze into eighth place.

[Oh, when Geoffrion comes up from the minors, he can’t use his number 5 jersey that he normally wears. The Habs retired the jersey.]


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