Reminder: Watch out for telephone scammers

Have you ever got a phone call from someone saying there is an issue with your computer? If no. Then good. If you do, hang up. These are scammers trying to get you to let them access your computer. There have been numerous complaints. From the messages posted, the caller seems to be from around India or Pakistan. They tend to give you those “big” technical words that some may not understand and some of them are funny [a virus damaging the motherboard – which is where everything in your computer is connected to] or maybe downloading malware from the Internet.

With the exception of your ISP [i.e. Rogers, Videotron, Bell, etc.] no one else cares about what goes on with your computer. Microsoft, Symantec, McAfee or others will never call you unless you called them first. In case something does get installed on your computer from these scammers you can call Microsoft free of charge and speak to someone who is actually from Microsoft or a real representative at 1-866-727-2338.

A reminder that Microsoft doesn’t know who you are unless you have registered with them for something. Unless you registered, they don’t have your Email address or anything. The scammers, on the other hand, will probably your last name and phone number [from the telephone book]. They don’t know your version of Windows [if you have Windows] or how many computers you have.

If someone claims to be from your ISP [i.e. Rogers, Videotron, Bell, etc.], ask them for your account number and/or full address. If they are legitimate, they would have it in front of them [on a screen] and able to give it to you. When they called my place a while back, I slammed the phone on them. If they were real, wouldn’t they call back?


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