Feds kill gun registry – Quebec angered

Well, I guess you saw the story this past week when the Conservative government basically went backwards and decided to kill off the long gun registry. Created in the wake of Ecole Polytechnique massacre in Montreal during Jean Chretien’s era as Prime Minister, millions upon millions were spent to create and build the database.

And on Wednesday night, just before the supper hour [hmmm], they voted 159-130 to kill the registry. Note that restricted guns [think Uzis, machine guns, sniper rifles, etc.] are still registered.

Once government works figure out exactly which guns will stay registered and which won’t, they will be deleting permanently those records – as if they were never registered. Already, legal action is brewing. The Quebec government – going way back when the Conservatives were at the preliminary stages of introducing legislation to kill the registry – requested that any data from Quebec owners should have those records sent to the Quebec government so they can create their own database [and spend millions upon millions in doing so]. The Conservative government has already stated they have no intention of releasing the records to any province.

The island of Montreal has an estimated 60,000 weapons alone on the list but this amount probably is small compared to out west where the Conservative party is strong – probably one reason why they killed the registry [to please the western voters].

Vic Toews, Public Safety Minister who was already in the news this week for his Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act [ see https://ebraiter.wordpress.com/2012/02/16/beware-of-the-canadian-big-brother/ ], is responsible for the bill to remove the registry said that the registry “does nothing to help end gun crimes, nor has it saved one Canadian life.” He also stated that hunters and shooters have been persecuted.

I beg to differ. If you are carrying a registered gun and you own it, I don’t think you will be robbing the local liquor store [assuming you are a criminal]. Persecuted? It’s not like the hunters and shooters were shot. As for saving a Canadian life, how does he knows that? Did he state any study? But a study found that it reduced the number of suicides by 250 [does it mean they did it another way?] and 50 homicides a year.

It seems the only ones who are in favour of killing the registry are the Conservative government, gun owners, and their friends. The police [from the RCMP on down] have used the registry in cases.

What are gun owners’ afraid of? If you aren’t doing anything illegal, you have nothing to worry about.

The bill is expected to head to the Senate where it will easily be approved this spring as the appointed Senate has a Conservative majority [thanks to Stephen “Pudge” Harper’s appointments of lackeys, cronies, friends and people who shouldn’t be there.

Oh. And what did the Conservative government do after the bill was passed? They had a private cocktail part with champagne celebrating the bill. That angered Quebecers and others.


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