Beware of the Canadian Big Brother

Sometime soon, a new law called Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act will be passed [at least in the House of Commons in Ottawa].

While it sounds like a good thing to do, the name doesn’t tell you the full story of what the act does. Sure, nobody wants anyone to go after children on the Internet. But this act gives the police powers – without a warrant – to access your cell phone or Internet connection to basically spy on you. The act requires Internet service providers to install equipment for real-time surveillance and creates new powers for people to access them.

Critics are already complaining because the act doesn’t say it will go after predators. If it did, what happens if the police stumbled on [for example] a murder plot but not a child predator? Ignore the murder plot? They could go after possible terrorists [that’s fine], criminal activities [fine], and other illegal activities as well.

The Public Safety Minister, Vic Toews, got into hot water when he said they [the critics] “can either stand with us or with child pornographers”. Toews then denied he said that statement in the House of Commons. But his boss, Prime Minister Harper suggested that “with regards to child pornography, our party is totally against it and encourage the NDP to adopt the same stance”. Now what party is for child pornography? Dumb. Liberal leader said he called the Ontario Privacy Commissioner a child pornographer as the commissioner criticized the government on this bill.

But without a warrant, this is like saying that guy down the street could be a child predator even though he could have stumbled on a web page that contained a single picture that is borderline child pornography or maybe is doing research on child pornography. Or how about family pictures. There is the odd occasion where you may see a young child with a bare bottom. Is that child pornography?

[Not to get labeled as a child pornographer, you have to watch what pictures you send in to get printed.]

Update: Turns out after quite a bit of protesting, the government has decided to take a better look at the act. Some Conservative MPs said they could vote against it without changes.

Toews’ aggressive defence of the bill has led to the debate getting personal as details of his messy divorce went online and went viral. An anonymous Twitter account has been publishing excerpts of what are purportedly affidavits from his 2008 divorce. Toews website ac tually merntions the divorce. So the story isn’t new.



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