It’s none of the political party’s business

If you remember from a previous blog [ ] that the federal Conservative party was doing some ethically questionable tactics. Well it seems some of that is continuing.
Recently, I got a phone call from someone who was claiming to be calling on behalf of the conservatives. Unsure if that was true because the Caller ID was only giving out a phone number. Could have done a reverse look-up, but didn’t bother. Judging from the background noise, it sounded like a call center.
As mentioned in the previous blog, this is a Liberal held riding and has been for many years – maybe longer than 40 years. Even former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau was the MP for this riding. An old saying was that even a monkey running for the Liberals could win the seat.
Also mention is that this riding has a heavy senior riding – but I’m not one – and still far away from being one. Many still feel that the previous tactics were used in this riding to confuse the elderly weren’t right. Personally, why would they even attempt to go this head on in this riding when it still wasn’t even that close in the last federal election?
Anyways, the lady on the phone started to ask me about various questions. Are you happy with the situation? Who did you vote for? And others. The answer to these questions was none of your business. If I would say anything other than Conservatives, I’m sure I would have been hounded with many questions.
Of course if that would happen, I would just hang up on them.
So if you get a call from them [or even other parties] – and this could be happening in other ridings – tell them it is none of their business or refuse to answer if they ask. If they continue to hound you, hang up.


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