Windows 8 already DOA? According to whom?

Makes me laugh. Two bloggers at ZDnet recently had a “blog” titled “Five Reasons why Windows 8 will be dead on arrival”. This is like me commenting about the quality of plutonium used by Iran for their so-called peaceful nuclear sites.
Among other things in their useless blog, they claim that there are no applications for Windows 8. Hello? It isn’t out yet and won’t be for another 7+ months. What was released last year was considered a developer preview. It wasn’t made to test applications yet. That said, Windows 8 is based on Windows 7. So the majority of applications [except using the Metro interface] will work as is with [expected] very few issues. What will need updating are primarily those applications that use the Metro interface [if you want to use it] as well as those that are tied more closely to the core of the OS [think firewall, anti-virus, defragmenters, etc.]
They claim that you are stuck with the Metro interface. Untrue. You can go back to the “classic” Windows 7 interface. If there is no option to switch, there is already a registry fix to do so. A bit of research on their part would of helped. It took me a while to go from the classic pre-Windows XP to the Windows XP menu interface [similar to what Windows Vista and Windows 7 uses] and I wouldn’t go back.
They commented about “Vexed Windows developers” but couldn’t provide any links or anything. The only thing they provided was even close is that one of the Windows Phone developer managers left Microsoft for Amazon. Wow! A manager left! Windows 8 is doomed! Not.
This would be the equivalent of some technical support manager at Apple leaving the company for another and everybody thinks that Apple is shutting down their support for their products.
What do you expect from people who know nothing about Windows?


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