Internet Explorer 6 finally drops below 1% in the US

Internet Explorer 6 has finally dropped under 1% in the US as of the beginning of the year [as well as near or below 1% for Canada and most of Western Europe]. But there is still the problem with elsewhere – primarily in some countries that ignore copyright laws – where most have stuck to IE6 thinking that they don’t want to take a chance in upgrading their pirated copy of Windows that contains IE6.
Maybe it’s time to force upgrade any copy to IE8 [unless they have a blocking mechanism] but remove [if not already] any piracy check. In short, give them amnesty for Internet Explorer only. at least it will help with some of the malware issues. As well, Microsoft won’t have to support IE6 or even IE7 [came with Windows Vista].
In fact, Microsoft decided late last year that they will try and push out Internet Explorer updates automatically as they do in competing browsers sometime this year. But whether this will include upgrading to a major version is still a question mark.
In the meantime, Internet Explorer browser share has slipped, but primarily not from PCs but from other devices and gadgets [smartphones, tablets, etc.] since there is no IE for them – and probably never will have one.
Oh, as for Windows XP, recently it dropped below 800 days left before support expires. By the time that happens, IE10 will be out and maybe even an IE11. So Microsoft could be supporting 5-7 browser versions. In case you wondered, IE7 [which came with Vista] will still be alive for another 5 years. By that time, they could be at IE12.


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