iPhone dominance could be ending

Apple overtook Samsung in smartphone shipments in the last quarter of 2011, according to data from mobile analyst firm Juniper Research. Almost 25 percent of the 149 million smartphones shipped worldwide in the fourth quarter were iPhones.
Problem is that the majority of sales came from Apple dumping its 3GS inventory and not from the 4 or 4S. HTC shipped 12.1 million smartphones in the fourth quarter (the only significant increase).
Elsewhere, troubled BlackBerry maker Research In Motion’s woes will be soothed somewhat as shipments remained steady year-on-year at 14.4 million, down just 0.7 percent. Nokia’s OEM’s smartphone shipments were down 31 percent year over year in the fourth quarter.
More than 70 percent of consumers who intend to purchase a smartphone over the next six months will purchase an iPhone or a handset based on Google’s Android operating system, according to a recent Yankee Group survey. This is a bit obvious as RIM’s BB10 won’t be out intil late this year and Windows 8 Phone also won’t be oiut until later on this year.
Look at the bigger picture. Apple took over as top hardware sales based primarily on a phone that is hitting 2 years old [as Apple wants to dump its inventory] while I suspect most of Samsung sales are recent models.
On top of that Juniper [known for some dumb research] didn’t see the biggest picture: If Apple had one quarter of the sales in the 4th quarter – this also means they had 25% of all the sales [since no one else uses the iOS]. So the remaining 75% is covered mostly by Android phones [a bit by Blackberry and Windows Phone]. It just shows you how the iPhone dominance is coming to an end.


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