Windows Live Mail photo attachment problems

Seems that the latest version of Windows Live Mail [WLM] 2011 [I believe build 15.4.3538.0513 if you know where to find it] is causing some problems. Among them is the integration with SkyDrive.

SkyDrive is a free online storage provided by Microsoft. It allows you to store and share up to 25GB of data [pictures, video, etc.].

By default with this build, it will keep a copy of any [with exceptions] pictures send in a message on SkyDrive for 3 months.  You may get a message like:

“1 photo will be available on SkyDrive until 19/04/2012.”  [date and number of photos will change of course]

Of course, some prefer the “old fashion” way. Just attach the photos and send. There has been a number of complaints already about this on the Internet.

Note: I don’t use WLM so I can’t confirm some of these.

The following are the various workarounds:

1st Suggestion: This may also work [and probably the best option if it does work as it should be permanent]:

1. In WLM, from the main window [i.e. your Inbox], press Alt and F.
2. Under Options, select Mail.
3. Go to the Compose tab.
4. Click to disable the Convert messages to photo e-mail when adding photos option.
5. Click OK and exit small window.

2nd Suggestion: Do not use the “Sent to recipient” from the Windows Explorer. Instead, insert from WLM message directly.

3rd Suggestion: Use the “Sent to recipient” from the Windows Explorer but include a dummy file [a text message for example] as well. SkyDrive doesn’t accept text messages, it is supposed to reject all attachments placed in SkyDrive.

4th Suggestion: Downgrade to an older version. This is messy.

5th Suggestion: Live with it.

If you see the request in Windows to upgrade to the latest WLM version, you may not want to do so if you don’t want the changes.


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