Politican jumping parties – stop complaining

Recently, a New Democratic Party MP, decided to jump ship to the Liberal party. On the same day, a Bloc Quebecois MNA jumped to the Coalition Avenir Québec.
While the provincial move didn’t seem to cause an uproar since most already believe the CAQ is nothing but a Part Quebecois “lite” [all of their MNAs came from the PQ as well as most of the rest of the organization – even though they aren’t promoting separation or autonomy], the federal move did cause a bit of an uproar.
The NDP want the MP to resign to make way for a by-election because [they claim] that those who voted for the MP voted more for the party than the MP. This riding was held by former Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien for around 30 years. In a three way battle for votes [NDP, Liberals and Bloc Quebecois], I don’t think the NDP got a majority.
I don’t think there should be any by-election. It is a big waste of taxpayers’ money. If the NDP wants a by-election then they should pay for government costs. That means, printing the ballots, advertising for the ballots, labour costs, rental costs, etc.
If it can be done legally, the NDP [and any other party] is smart enough, they should implement a party by-law which states that if a candidate wins their riding during an election or by-election and later decide to switch to another party, they must run as an independent until an election or by-election [in the riding] is called and can’t be associated with any other party until then.


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