October release date for Windows 8?

Microsoft is aiming for an October date to release the commercial version of Windows 8, based on comments that public relations director of the Windows Business Group Janelle Poole said at CES.
During a demo of the new operating system, Poole said, “Windows releases come round about every three years and this year will be three years in October since we launched Windows 7.”
This comment isn’t a major piece of news because Microsoft had said that they want a new OS every 3 years. But what this is more of a confirmation and there won’t be any expected delays.
If correct, then OEMs, volume license, MSDN and TechNet Plus users should be receiving the final version sometime in mid-July to early August.
Microsoft obviously wants enough time for Windows 8 to be given to computer manufacturers [a.k.a. RTM] to develop images for their computer models.
Windows 8 should have the same system requirements as Windows 7 and Vista. So we won’t see manufacturers like Acer short-changing the public by trying to sell computers that lack enough RAM or other resources that would make the computer sluggish at best. Microsoft is expecting to release the first public beta of Windows 8 sometime in February.


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