Republican not so truths continue

Here we go again. The Republican primaries [and whatever] are on in the US. Of course in addition to ganging up on each other, they are going after the Obama administration because of the economy, the debt, etc.
Did they forget something? It was under the watch of the previous president, George W. Bush, a Republican, who basically dragged the US economy down, causing major default on bank loans, bank bailouts, mass layoffs, etc.
It is also partially the fault of the Republican party [and their sub-party the Tea Party] for causing further problems when they regained control of the lower house in the mid-term elections by fighting against the Democrats in every way instead of helping the economy. It was also at least partially the Republican Party’s fault for the US government’s downgrade of the debt for the first time ever. This leads to higher interest rates. How many more times will the debt be extended – causing further economic turmoil.
This can go on and on.
Meanwhile the current challengers are dreaming [and sometimes thinking] of new not quite so truthful statements. Newt Gingrich is taking credit for the balanced budget while he was the speaker? Meanwhile, some are claiming [to gain Hispanic votes] that Mitt Romney is part Hispanic because his father lived in Mexico for a period of time. I guess that’s almost like saying I consider myself an American because I was in Florida in the 70s on vacation.
Interesting side note. Barack Obama’s war chest has been filling up [although slowing down a bit in the last quarter] to something like $66 million US in donations to his campaign [claiming 95% of the donations are under $250. The Republic party challengers combined exceed Obama’s campaign donations. Problem is that Obama keeps his for the election in November as he has no primaries. The Republican challengers are using the donation to help fight for their run as the Republican challenger to Obama in November. So when the election does start in the fall, Obama should have a huge war chest.


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