Time to dump the Canadian Senate or change it

The New Democratic Party always had suggested that if they get elected that the senate should be demolished. While I don’t agree with it there is a rising issue.
The Canadian government under Stephen Harper added seven more Conservative leaning senators to the senate. In a press release issued Friday afternoon, Harper also noted his plans to appoint former failed Conservative candidate Jean-Guy Dagenais from Quebec. [So. Didn’t get elected? Go to the senate.]
As an opposition MP, Harper had long advocated reforming the Senate. But since coming to power, he has appointed new senators regularly. Since becoming Prime Minister, 48 Conservative leaning senators have been added to the senate. They now have 61 of 105 senators.
What’s the point of having the senate when the Prime Minister continues to appoint from his own party and those who are Conservative leaning?
Wouldn’t it be a bit easier if there was some type of voting mechanism instead? Maybe some type of combination of provincial government appointments plus voted in would be better.


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