Windows 7 Tips (part 2 of 2)

Here is part two of useful tips and applications for Windows 7:

Jump Lists allow you to open up programs that you used recently. As you use other, the less used programs are dropped from the list. You can increase the size of the list by right clicking on the task bar, clicking Properties and select the Start Menu tab. Click on the Customize Start Menu dialog box at the bottom and adjust the amount. Note that making it too large increases the menu size. Jump Lists also will list documents that were open for each application in the list or (in some cases) allow you to do something. Experiment.

If you want to make sure an application in the Jump List remains there you can pin it to the list (so unless you unpin it, it is there permanently. If in the Jump List already or in the Start Menu, right click on the program and select Pin to Start Menu. Once again, if you pin too many, the menu gets too large. If you use a select few programs and rarely anything else, you can in those programs and set Jump List to a low number or nothing. Once again, experiment.

The Snipping Tool (from the Accessories in the Start Menu) is an interesting too as you can now capture any part of the screen. While not as sophisticated as some of the commercial or free programs available it is still quite useful.

Another new tool is Sticky Notes. Remember those famous yellow stickers that were stuck to your old CRT screen? Well, you can go environmentally friendly here (OK, not heavily) with this tool. Simply create a note for yourself. You can choose the fonts and background colours as well as put them anywhere on the desktop. Access from the Start Menu in Accessories. Note: Don’t store your passwords there!

If you find you need the capabilities of a premium edition of Windows 7 (since almost all store bought computers are Windows 7 Home Premium), by using the Windows Anytime Upgrade application, you can do so. You will be required to pay a fee (in your currency) which depends on the edition and be given a new serial number. Note: If you didn’t know, the same disc used to install Windows 7 Homer Premium also contains the other editions – you just need the proper serial number for that edition and how to modify the disc’s contents.


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