Goodbye My Blackberry Bold (well at one point)

After the mess I’ve seen with RIM’s Blackberry line and the probable delay in the next generation, they probably lost me as a client.
You heard the series of issues that plagued RIM last year including the multiple day outage of Email. Email was out in North America for up to two days but it was longer than 4 days elsewhere. [Compensation to consumers was some token applications – most of them were useless.]
Personally, I’ve seen weird things happen with my Bold 9700 in the last little while including java errors and some of the applications misbehaving. But the bigger kicker is a few times the phone just froze. It could be 12:30 pm right now. Come back maybe 45 minutes and it will still show 12:30 pm. Hit a key or two and it will show the right time.
Like many [as I discovered while searching], some found out that there is a new issue where either your contacts or calendar is not synchronizing at all. I just had this yesterday. I had to back up my data, wipe the data off my phone, and then restore my phone’s data. When wiping, any applications are lost. So all I had installed previously had to be re-installed.
Even worse, it seemed to downgrade my phone to an older operating system!
Funny thing as well, is that I’ve seen multiple times where the Blackberry App World application is installed but there is no icon anywhere.
I’ve always had a peeve where you must enter your Email address and password associated with your RIM account every time – whether to install or uninstall. [Even on the web site, it doesn’t remember your Email address.
Finally there is the constant rebooting of the device every time you need to install or uninstall something. This is starting to remind me more and more like Windows of the old days.
While I have never been an Apple iPhone fan [friends who left the Blackberry world for it say it ain’t the same], the only alternative is an Android based phone at this time. I think a Windows Phone is out of the question.
The good thing is that I still have about 6 months or so before I need to make any decisions. By then I’m hoping things will clear up.


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2 Responses to Goodbye My Blackberry Bold (well at one point)

  1. ebraiter says:

    OK. After a bit of research, getting an iPhone will be more unlikely. There is no way to directly sync from Outlook to an iPhone. For contacts, you have to export your contacts from Outlook and import them no Thunderbird. I’d assume no direct way for calendar events either.

  2. ebraiter says:

    I left out one more issue. With the last 3 months, I’ve had synchronizing issues of a different kind. Some odd-ball error. Anyways, it seems that some configuration in the Intellisync got screwed up. REname the configuration folder. Reconfigure the synchronization section and resync. It works. Still a pain.

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