Tablet news and sales

Google is planning to release their own branded tablet under the Nexus name by summer time. Could be interesting since already Google will have tablets once the acquisition of Motorola Mobility is completed. Wondering how the other Android manufacturers will like it when Google lets its own tablet [and from Motorola] to have first crack at the OS before the other manufacturers could get to them.
Google chairman Eric Schmidt stated that they will “directly manufacture” which is probably misleading unless they are actually building their own tablets and not outsourced like everyone else [from Apple to Samsung] does.
Of course do we really need to fracture the tablet business even more. It’s the same problem with Linux – too many distros.
Meanwhile, the rumoured iPad 3 is expected in the spring using some sort of higher-resolution display, possibly of the same quality as the “retina display” currently available in later-model iPhones. The company may also release a small-screen version of the iPad later in 2012.
Because of the stiffer competition and the rumoured iPad 3, forecasters have predicted that just 13 million iPad 2 will be sold in the fourth quarter instead of 14 million.
Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet are pushing the Android platform to a 40.3 percent media-tablet market share in the fourth quarter of 2011, up from 32.4 percent in the third quarter, according to IDC. The IT research firm estimated the media-tablet market grew 24 percent on a sequential basis to 18.1 million units. A grand total of 18 million tablets were sold by all manufacturers in 2010. Moreover, the market researcher has boosted its worldwide shipment forecast for 2011 to 63.3 million units, up from its previous tally of 62.5 million units.


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