More dirty politics from the Conservatives

Ah! Don’t you just love Canadian politics?
The ruling Conservative government confirmed that some of their MPs were behind a bunch of phone calls to Mount-Royal riding constituents claiming that the Liberal MP, Irwin Cotler, has resigned from Parliament, a by-election will be called and whether they would vote for a Conservative candidate.
Now the Mount-Royal riding includes Cote Saint-Luc, which has one of the highest numbers of registered voters who are seniors. As they are seniors, they may intend to believe what some is saying [I’m sure the same ones who believe those computer hoaxes and send them out to other seniors].
The Conservatives have claimed that they were just trying to identify supporters. Last I checked, there are better ways to identify people than by calling up and spreading lies. Judging by the fact that they are only now confirming, those who called never said that they were part of the party.
The Liberals are asking for an investigation on whether any rules were broken. At least, it was unethical. But it seems [from past news] that this is normal for the Conservative party.
One Bloc Quebecois MP said that if the Conservatives get away with it, his volunteers can also spread lies. Other parties can follow. So where will this leave the voters?
As for the riding, Mount-Royal has been voting Liberal for a long time. It included former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau as a MP. The joke was that even a monkey running for the Liberals could win the riding over any other party. In the last election, Cotler still had quite a large victory. So why go after the riding when there are others that were closer?
This mess will probably backfire on the Conservatives in the next election. I’m sure it will be brought up by other candidates on how low the Conservative party will go – not just in this riding. Others will see this and remind themselves not to vote as they don’t like this type of politics.

Update 2011/12/15:  The Speaker of the House of Commons gave the Conservatives a verbal spanking but otherwise left them off the hook. A Conservative government minister stated that if the ruling completely went against the Conservatives it would be the equivalent of going against the freedom of speech. The opposition laughed at that one.


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