Windows 8 doomed to fail? Maybe not

I’ve always had a pet peeve against these “research” companies that “analyse” current trends. Note the quotations.
Recently two of these companies came out with “studies” regarding Windows 8. They concluded that Windows 8 is doomed to fail. Both basically said that they are getting into the tablet game too late. One complained that there aren’t enough new features in Windows 8 to warrant upgrading. Another is the addition of the Metro feature and how it will affect big business.
Hmmmm. What’s wrong with this picture?
Oh ya. Windows 8 is still only available in a developer preview. Not even beta and yet they are already complaining about something that won’t be out for another 10 months. Features can still be added while it is in this development stage.
As well, Windows was never a big player for the tablet market. So any sales are actually a positive thing.
And of course there are new and enhanced features. The Metro interface is one. Although you can revert back to the Windows 7 interface and I suspect Windows 8 domain users will have a different login similar to the different logins in previous versions of Windows. As well, Windows 8 boots up faster, primarily because of the core hibernation. There are, of course, other features.
What you can’t tell as well is the deployment of Windows 8. After all, Office XP/2002 and 2000 looked a lot like Office 2003 to the typical user but the big difference was deployment.
But the biggest thing that they didn’t think of is the Windows XP factor. Windows 8 is expected to be released in the fall of 2012. Windows XP’s support dies in April 2014. That leaves about 16 months from when Windows 8 comes out and before Windows XP support dies. Why is this also interesting? Because [with the exception of enterprises] when Windows 8 is release, Windows 7 sales will drop like a lead zeppelin [!!!] because they won’t be available for sale. A big chunk of the market [home users mostly] are still using Windows XP.


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