Obama versus Who?

Should be an interesting US elections in about 11 months.

As of this time, there are primarily three candidates running for the Republicans.

You have one candidate who is the former head of a pizza chain in the US but has been accused by [at last count] four different women of harassment. On top of that he has basically had the political equivalent of a senior moment by forgetting some things. But, somehow, he is still in the running. Against him is a Mormon. I have nothing against them, but the GOP has never had a Mormon leader. He didn’t do well in the running in 2008 when he tried to run then. Finally you have a third candidate who also didn’t do too well when he tried in 2008. He’s also been a bit wishy-washy in his views.

Generally with US politics, the Republicans already have a bigger percentage of voters in the bag compared to the Democrats but it’s the undecided, “soft” Democrats and “soft” Republicans who will make the difference in 11 months.

But is there a really decent candidate who can lead the GOP? Anyone’s guess.


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