Sales of Chromebooks worse than Playbooks

How long will Google keep Chromebooks afloat? According to DigiTimes, Acer has only sold 5,000 Chromebooks since it launched them last summer, and Samsung has supposedly sold even fewer of its Chromebooks [this excludes the ones that were given away to testers]. Those numbers make the BlackBerry PlayBook sales figures look like a rousing success in comparison. Google spent who knows how many millions plus two years work on the development, just to sell less Chromebooks than the Playbook?

I am not really surprised. I’ve said it before that Chromebooks wouldn’t do much. After all Chrome OS is a variation of Linux. Outside of some techies, consumers don’t want them. Why? They are used to Windows [or Macs]. Not Linux with its 1.1% market share. Why do you think Linux on netbooks died a fast death [a reported 80% of netbook returns was because Linux was installed and not Windows] and Dell dropped Linux.

I’m not sure I have ever seen one in the local stores.


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