iOS 5 Sucks the Battery Life

Apple is confirming what owners of the iPhone 4S and other iOS devices already know: iOS 5 seems to make your battery lose its juice faster than before. The company now says it plans to release a software update to address the problem in a few weeks.

Apple initially promised that (thanks to its power-efficient A5 processors) the 4S would deliver eight hours of talk time on 3G, 14 hours of talk time on AT&T’s EDGE network, six hours of 3G browsing, nine hours of Wi-Fi, ten hours of video, and 40 hours of listening to music.

Whenever a manufacturer says how long a battery life last, assume it can (in normal usage) will last about 75% of what the manufacturer says. So if is expected to last 8 hours, 6 hours is more likely. Every manufacturer tweaks the battery life to say it will last longer, but they shut off every day services such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Email, etc. to achieve these high battery times.


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One Response to iOS 5 Sucks the Battery Life

  1. ebraiter says:

    Update: Apple finally release iOS 5.0.1 which reportedly has a fix for the battery issue. Seems they rushed it out a bit as it wasn’t expected for another week.

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