Some stuff about Windows 8

Microsoft has begun the early phase of getting out there that Windows 8 (and its server partner) will be release sometime around this time next year (OK, maybe in a couple of weeks it will be a year). Already they are snapshots from a preview of the new menu system and elsewhere. Doesn’t it remind you of a screen for a phone or maybe a tablet? I guess maybe Microsoft believes we’ll be using touch screens in the near future.
But recently, a few bloggers said that the recent dip in Windows PC sales was partially because of some holding off because they know Windows 8 will be out in a year or so – which is ridiculous.
In fact, PC sales have slumped at least for the last 6 months – before any preview or snapshots of Windows 8 were released.
As well, I believe that some companies may not like Windows 8 as much if the domain computer and has the same “start menu”/desktop interface as a non-domain computer.
Those who could be holding off on Windows 7 and going to Windows 8 are probably few. Companies tend not to upgrade to the latest OS generally until the first service pack. Not many consumers know that Windows 8 is on the horizon because it hasn’t hit the mainstream media much. So this will leave those consumers who are technical. But they are already using Windows 7.
It was probably the same technical consumers who blogged like crazy that Vista was a bad OS. It had its shortcomings but (as I mentioned previously) part of the problem was the lack of drivers initially, lack of compatible applications (think anti-virus) and upgrade issues. And the biggies, the lack of resources on the upgraded system as well as bad upgrades instead of fresh installs.


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