Microsoft shuts Macdefender botnet – not Apple

Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit has shut down a botnet that was investigated for hosting the MacDefender scareware that preyed on Mac OS X users.
The botnet, known as Kelihos or “Waledac 2.0,” has been linked to spam messages, ID-theft attacks, pump-and-dump stock scams and websites promoting the sexual exploitation of children, according to Microsoft senior attorney Richard Domingues Boscovich. The botnet contained about 41,000 computers worldwide and was capable of sending 3.8 billion spam e-mails per day.
Apple did nothing to shut down the botnet. So Microsoft decided to do something as Apple doesn’t seem to care about security. Just sell those gadgets. Apple did NOTHING. Oh Apple did do something. They told people with infected Macs to go to the “app store” and buy software that will clean the problem. Of course Apple got 30% of the money….
Funny thing is that you go to some of the tech forums and you got some who said that Microsoft started the botnet, others who say that Apple did the work and Microsoft did little, and others who blame Microsoft for security flaws in Macs!


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