Habs are back – another long and fustrating season

Here we go again. Another hockey season is upon us (well it’s actually pre-season games but close enough).
We got 32 teams looking to win the Stanley Cup (hey – they all start even before the puck drops in the first game) but we know that some teams will never make the playoffs and others barely missing. Of course you got those who make it every year.
My “beloved” Habs have a top 5 goaltender in Carey Price back. Sometimes he plays iffy, but otherwise dependable. Then there is PK Subban – probably one of the hottest young talents out there. He had an excellent first (full) season but hopefully the sophomore jinx. Then you have some the usuals (Mike Cammalleri, Tomas Plekanic, etc.).
Surprisingly Scott Gomez is still with the team.
But the biggest scratch-your-head issue came when the team signed Andrei Markov to a three year contract knowing that he has been on the disabled list more often than most players in the last 2 seasons (45 and 7 games respectively). And guess what? He’s on the injured reserved again.
They picked up Erik Cole but he scored 26 goals last year. Typically (averaging) in an 82 game season, he may hit 20.
There lies the problem with the Habs. Picked up someone who can score a bit (but not great).
Brian Gionta had 29 goals last season, Plekanec hit 22 and Andrei Kostitsyn squeaked in at 20. Nobody hit 60 points.


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