Music box set getting to big or just elitists?

Over the past few years, musical artists have been releasing these huge expanded box set editions of their (usually) best albums.
First it was something simple. A big box with a few CDs and a DVD or two. Now? Huge sets.
To give you an example, U2 will release this fall a “super deluxe” box set for Achtung Baby – not I’d say their best album. How big? 6 CDs and 4 DVDs plus a bunch of other stuff thrown in. Price tag is around $300 or so.
Pink Floyd will release box sets for three of their albums – each with 6 or 7 CDs, a scarf [if I saw right], a large booklet, a poster and other stuff. Price tag is around $110 each.
Bruce Springsteen release a 3CD and 3DVD [or 3 Blu-ray] box set for Darkness on the Edge of Town. Lavish with a replica spiral book from the era with reproduced lyrics. Minimum price was about $100.
Add Nirvana’s Nevermind album (4CDs and a DVD) with a 90 page bound book. Kurt Cobain will roll in his grave when it comes out (but his widow, Courtney Love, won’t mind).
Even new albums have had some monster releases like these.
So the question is, can people afford these box sets (and where to put them!)? Many fans will say they would like them but is too pricey (sand will probably settle on the “base” editions). Others say there not enough content. Some will buy it no matter what their financial status is. And of course some will buy because they can easily afford it.
Is this making some become a bit elitists?


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