Google found guilty of taking illegal ads. But some don’t get it.

It’s funny. Google was recently fined over $500 million by the US department of Justice for advertising Canadian pharmacies using their ad service. Meanwhile, Google CEO Larry Page knew that they were advertising the pharmacies illegally, according to a DOJ prosecutor.
Google also hasn’t filed an appeal on the ruling, which makes Google guilty. The DOJ said in statement the fine equals both the sales Google made from the placement of those ads through its AdWords platform, as well as the sales the pharmacies earned from U.S. customers.
But when you go through some of the blogs and reader’s comments regarding the fine, some just don’t get it.
Some say that they should be able to buy drugs anywhere – which is fine. You don’t need advertising to do it. Just find a foreign website that sells drugs over the Internet (but good luck with customs!).
Some (of course) are upset that Google has been singled out. Maybe some type of government conspiracy or the government in conjunction with Microsoft.
Some don’t know why the law even exists. I guess it’s to protect the US pharmaceuticals as drugs can be cheaper elsewhere (funny, I hear baby aspirin is way cheaper in the US).


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