It’s computer shopping time

Well, we are coming close to the start of the new school year. While most probably couldn’t care less, some do. See, it is one of the two main computer shopping periods of the year – the other is Christmas/Channukah/Kwanza whatever.
Even if you aren’t a student, it is a good time to purchase a new computer if you are in the market.
This applies to any computers, Windows or Mac based, netbooks, iPads, or other tablet based products.
But buyer beware! It’s also the time of the year where stores will try and dump old stock on unsuspecting buyers.
Many novice computer users (and even those who are) can’t tell the difference between a dual core and a Core-i3 processor – or why 4GB of RAM is better than 2GB. I still see old Celeron, Penium and old AMD Athlon processors being sold.
Why on earth would manufacturers do this to themselves? Yes they want to dump their old stock but if I bought a [argh!] Celeron laptop that’s lacking RAM but got it at a cheap price [because I was a novice and I didn’t know better] only to find out when I set the thing up that it was slow as hell – who’d I blame? [well besides myself for being a cheapo]
I have always stated that you get what you pay for. That is, if the computer is cheap there is a reason for that (usually older hardware, lacking memory or disk space or a decent video card, or even the brand).
There are very few computer brands I wouldn’t buy but the Acer-Gateway-Aspire-eMachine family (yes, they are all from the same company) is one – although Gateway seems to be the exception. Two reasons why I don’t care for them: horrible technical support and the support site doesn’t give much information.


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