Distaster nearly strikes thanks to dumb politicians

Well, a disaster has been avoided in the US which would have started a shockwave that would affect the world.
Who would of thought that a bunch of bickering could of probably put the world in another recession, possibly worse than the one that affected many countries just a few years back – and many still haven’t recovered from.
I believe the beginning of this mess was late last year in the “mid-term” elections in the US, where the Republican Party took over the lower half of Congress, the House of Representatives from the Democratic Party control. If the Democrats kept their lead in the House, this could have been averted.
The problem then got messier when the so-called Tea Party, a group of staunch conservative Republicans, pushed the government into this mess and didn’t budge. They gave their demands and wouldn’t change their minds.
The Tea Party as well as some “liberal” Democrats vote in the House against the bill.
A question is why is the Tea Party not an actual “party” but a bunch of one-track minded politicians who don’t seem to care about their fellow Americans [and the rest of the world]? If they decided to go on their own, it would split the Republican Party and split the right wing vote.
The American public [let alone the rest of the world] were astounded that this could go on for weeks. Seeing politicians going at each other like a bunch of spoiled children. Unbelievable.


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