Brainwashed or just nuts

You have to wonder.
I will poke around the various computer news sites when I get a chance, to see what is new in the computer world.
You will see people who have a bias towards one technology over another [say Apple over Microsoft, or Androids over iPhones]. They at least their reasoning generally makes sense.
But every once in a while you will get someone who sounds like they’ve been brainwashed.
Take this one person. His [we’ll assume here that he’s a male] screen name tells me he likes open source [a.k.a. free] stuff. He’s been around for a while. But you can tell right away from his comments that he adores Google [probably name his first born Google, second kid will be Gmail, third kid would be GPlus, etc.]. 🙂
He says that Google can do no wrong and labels Oracle, Apple and [of course] Microsoft as his axis of evil.
When Google killed off a whole bunch of users in Google+ [as well as in other Google  sites] this past weekend, claiming that the names were invalid [i.e. fake names] and against Google’s TOS – even though legitimate names were killed off – the guy claimed it was a Microsoft or Apple conspiracy.
He defended Google+ by saying the tech experts have agreed that it is the best social network ever – but of course offered no type of proof on this. FRom what I read, not everyone is impressed – especially after this past weekend.
It makes you wonder.
It’s OK to be biased towards a company but this goes a bit past that.


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