Only in La Belle Province

Well, it’s the eve to another construction holiday in Quebec. What is that? Legislated in 1970 and went into effect in 1971, every year the construction workers take two weeks off for vacation. Sounds nice, except in is in their peak work season – July. Generally it is the last 2 weeks of July but for whatever reason this year it’s the last week of July and the first week of August. [I think it’s because the holiday starts on a Sunday – the first day of a regular week – and there are 5 Sundays this month.]
Of course when they take time off, just about any industry related to the construction works, from electricians to carpenters, will also take the time off. Why? They otherwise got nothing to do during the two weeks.
Not all construction will close down. Those on tight schedules or fell behind will probably work. And of course some smaller places may take other time off [as long as the law permits].
Quebec is the only jurisdiction in North America that has this uniqueness. Some say it was taken from the French [as in France] where most get the month of August off. [Some say the only people you will see in France in august are tourists.]
So as you drive on the roads and highways in the province during the next two weeks, you will notice the quietness at the various construction sites. You will know why.
Only in La Belle Province!


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