System Administrator Appreciation Day next week

As a worker, it is nice to receive some appreciation for the work you do. Right?

Next Friday [July 29th] is the 12th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day.

On that day, if your company has a system administrator [or someone with the equivalent duties], be nice to them. They sometimes work later hours, on weekends or even overnight.

One time, [if I remember the story right] I started my normal workday at 8:30 am and thought it would be a lovely day until my boss told me that I’d be staying late as they were installing an independent air conditioning system in the server room [so that’s why he gave me his parking pass the day before!]. I had to babysit the two guys putting it in. They came in around 5 pm. I didn’t leave the office until almost 3 am. Luckily with my car parked in the building, it took me maybe 25 minutes to get home. My [then] boss, being so nice, told me I didn’t have to come in until noon. Ah! What a nice boss!

Many of use do not get any extra “benefits” from staying late or coming in on the weekends. A normal 37.5 hour week can easily hit 70 hours.

So be nice to your system administrator on the 29th, buy him/her a cup of coffee or maybe a muffin. [I think we can do without the donuts and junk food – thank you very much!]

For more information and some interesting and scary pictures and other stuff, go to


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