Mini anti-virus FAQ

A few anti-virus questions that some have asked over the last while:

Q. Are all anti-virus software packages perfect?
A. No. There is no anti-virus package [free or paid] perfect. Everyone will miss something at one point.

Q. What is the difference between free and paid?
A. From my experience, paid versions offer phone support [may or may not be a free phone call] and forums support. Non-paid versions [if lucky] may give you forum support. Paid versions may have some enhancements such as checking a few times a day unlike free versions where they check once a day rarely more as well as more thorough scanning techniques for the paid version only.

Q. Recently Symantec/Norton has been advertising TV commercials showing frustrated users with free anti-virus software. How true is it?
A. Really, a lot more depends on what you do and what you open. If you are opening Email attachments from people you don’t know or people you do know but the message is suspicious, then you can’t blame anybody but yourself. same if you go to a website that you shouldn’t be going to. You can have the worse anti-virus software package out there but if you are very careful, you probably won’t get hit with any issues. Malware only get onto your system when you initiate the problem.

Q. Does anti-virus also include anti-malware?
A. More and more issues are malware related. The virus side has dropped over the years as those people have figured out that they can make money with the fake software rather than causing problems. Some anti-virus software will detect and clean. Some may just detect [and want you to buy a full version] and some may not even detect.

Q. Is Windows just prone to the latest malware?
A. Nope. As you have probably heard, Apple got hit with some fake software that was malware and initially didn’t do much to correct the problem. Even smartphones have an increased chance of having problems. They don’t really have security software and as such could be subject to malware as their popularity increases.


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