Is Apple environmentally friendly?

A reporting coming out says that Apple has ordered something like 15 million iPhone 5 to be delivered starting in September plus a rumoured iPad 3 [already?].

The biggest problem that some do have with Apple’s gadgets – and most agree, they are gadgets – is that Apple doesn’t want you to replace the batteries in them. Why? A typical battery lasts maybe 18 months [depending on usage]. Changing the battery would be cheaper for the consumer than what Apple wants you to do – by a new gadget to replace the current one.

Sure. You will have the fanbois and fangurls buying the new gadgets as soon as they come out [because that’s who they are and most can afford to do so].

But at what cost to the environment. Not only does manufacturing the gadgets add to the environment toll but so does disposing. You think they all get recycled? Hah!

Apple knows that people can go online and get a replacement battery. So what did they do? Changed the screws on some of the gadgets. Of course those battery sellers promptly released their own screw drivers to work with the screws.

Don’t believe me?


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