Hands-free ain’t working

Well, it’s been [I believe] around three years since the Province of Quebec started the “hands free” driving in the province.
The law states that you can’t talk on the phone in any vehicle as a driver unless you are hands free. That is, you are using a Bluetooth headphone or Bluetooth speakerphone. Of course there is no texting or web surfing as well.
[Note: What some don’t know is that you can use your phone any way you want in the car but it must be parked and the engine must be off. Just pulling over with the engine idling isn’t enough.]
Anyways, at the beginning you heard statistics from the police with the number of infractions and even some shortages in Bluetooth devices. But over time, you hear nothing. There are no reminders in the media.
So more and more people are starting to drive and talk. I’ve noticed this quite a bit.
Last week, I was driving to work and the driver in the vehicle was driving smack in the middle of two lanes. After a honk the vehicle moved to once side. I pass the vehicle and the driver is talking on the phone. At one point that car passed me – driver still talking. About 15 minutes later [stuck in traffic], I passed the vehicle. Yes. Still talking.
Today on the way home, a vehicle slowed down to a crawl. Unsure why. Gave a honk and the driver put on the signals and got into the right lane. Driving by. Yup. You guessed right. Driving and talking.
Maybe it’s time for stiffer and more demerit points.
Is it worth to spend $40 on a Bluetooth device or a $600+ fine and demerit points?


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