Staples in the privacy hot seat again

Canada’s Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart reported that Staples Canada has not been properly wiping the media on returned items – those items were then resold.
In her annual report, Stoddart reported that 54 of 149 resale storage devices tested in Staples stores still contained customer data despite having gone through Staples’ wipe and restore process. Some of the data, stored on devices such as laptops, USB hard drives and memory sticks, included personal information regarding banking, credit cards, driver’s licences, health cards, passports, social insurance numbers and tax records.
Various complaints were filed recently, in addition to in the past few years.
I am not really surprised with this issue.
While most end users aren’t tech savvy [and therefore may not know to remove their data] obviously Staples’ wipe and restore process isn’t working or not even being used. You should therefore ignore Staples discounted tables.
This issue, plus the previous issue with them, makes me leery of shopping there.
Reminds me of the time when someone I knew bought an “open box” printer from Staples. He was told the printer was returned but barely used. The friend had used it a bit but not too much. At one point he decided to get a page count and discovered that in addition to when he printed, there was an estimated 5,000 pages already on the printer. Either someone at Staples was lying or didn’t know. in any case, upon return, a page count should of been printed to see exactly how many pages were printed. With this type of printer the drum would need to be changed in another 5,000 pages or so.


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