Miscellaneous ramblings – part 3 [Tory site hacked, OS X Lion]

On Tuesday, the web site for the federal Conservative Party of Canada was hacked into by someone [or group] called LutzRaft. They posted a news item that claims that Prime Minister Stephen Harper had choked on some food at breakfast and was rushed to hospital. The message was removed at 8:30 am.
After the Conservative Party said that no data was taken from the site, the same group who did the hacking posted a partial list of names, addresses and partial credit card numbers on twitter.
The same group also hacked into Husky Oil and modified the page to say that Conservative Party members can fill up with gaz for free. Of course that isn’t true.
I suspect sometime during the day, the network administrator and/or the webmaster were scolded by a party hack.
Once there are openings, I’m sure they will be “demoted” to the Canadian senate?

Apple has release iOS 5 as well as Mac OS X 10.7 [a.k.a. Lion]. Already some have commented on where is the innovation that Apple use to have. As an example, they have a new software called iMessage [what a name!] which has similar features as RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger.
Unlike previous “major” releases which had interface changes and other new features, it sounds like 10.7 is a bit thin. Of course you still have to spend $30US to get it.
BTW, iMessage. iCloud. Expect the marketing department at Apple to get huge bonuses with these names.


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One Response to Miscellaneous ramblings – part 3 [Tory site hacked, OS X Lion]

  1. ebraiter says:

    Lion requires that you install 10.6.8 first. I wonder if Apple bothered to include this update when you buy Lion….. Nah. That would make things to easy.

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