Dumb postal workers union

Are the Canadian Union of Postal Workers are dumb? Just dumb?

Why? They are doing one day [for the most part] rotating strikes in an attempt to get Canada Post to settle with them.

It ain’t going to work. Here’s why?

On Monday, for example, the strikes decided not to do anything in Montreal – a major hub for distribution in Quebec.

On Tuesday, they are back at work. So what happens? All that mail that wasn’t sorted and delivered on Monday will now have to be delivered on Tuesday and possibly Wednesday.

What would of been a better idea?

Strike for the week in a major city. This would really cause a few tempers to fly.

They could start with Ottawa [so the politicians can feel the heat] and then go to Toronah, Montreal and Vancouver.

You think people in those cities would be happy without any mail for a week?

Of course, don’t let the CUPW see this message.

I’m actually against them.


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