Baseball’s blunder

Well it’s been a few years since the Montreal Expos have left the city for “greener” pastures. They moved to Washington to become the Nationals. Let’s see how the Nationals have done since the move.
A World Series? Nope. A pennant? Nope. A division title? Nope. Over “500”? Nope.
And how are they doing today? Well, after just under a third of the season, they’re in last place. At the current pace, they won’t win 70 games. Their weekend series didn’t draw big numbers. As an example, they drew just 23,000 people or so on Sunday. They have the forth least number of wins in baseball. The team with the least number of wins, the Minnesota Twins, drew around 40,000 (they played the LA Angels).
Only time they were near “500” this season was at the beginning of the year. Even then, weekday attendance dropped to below 15,000 “fans” by then.
Makes you wonder, why the Expos even moved. The Expos had mostly better seasons than the Nationals, and usually drawing better crowds.
Bud baseball commissioner, Bud Selig, couldn’t wait to move the Expos away. Where did they move to? A market that didn’t want them. (He should of looked at his Milwaukee Brewers – a team that hasn’t done much in many years.)


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