Apple support goofs horribly in malware policies

Oooops. Seems that Mac users have been hit with some malware called Mac Defender. But Apple isn’t helping.
Unlike Windows, which has had malware and other crappola for years now, Mac users [and those who support them] are unaccustomed to malware. With Windows, you can search the Internet and find multiple solutions [yes – some better than other]. But for a Mac?
Even worse. Apple ain’t helping. According to multiple tech support insiders, the company has doubled down on its policy of denying any help to affected customers. Apple get up to 20,000 calls a day and reports say up to a quarter of them are related to this malware.
Apple will tell the client that they do not support third-party software but suggest you go to their App Store and purchase some software that will [hopefully] solve the problem. The support agent then gives a few names to choose from. This, of course, is to Apple’s advantage as they get money from the sales – and they probably won’t be the 99 cent applications.
Of note in a leaked document [whether true or not] is that the Apple support agents can’t show the customer how to force quit Safari on a Mac Defender call, how to remove from the Login items, how to stop the process of Mac Defender in their Activity Monitor or refer the customer to any forums or discussions boards for resolution (including forums).
Isn’t that nice? So much for having great support. That will probably change a few Mac users minds the next time they decide on getting another Mac.


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One Response to Apple support goofs horribly in malware policies

  1. ebraiter says:

    Update: Apple has finally got it partially right. They now mention how to avoid getting hit with the malware and how to manually remove it. If not too technical, Apple is promising an “update” to search and remove it and its variants. OK. And what happens with future malware?

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