Will there ever be a senate reform from Harper?

Unless you were taking a long nap, you heard on the news that Prime Minister Stephen Harper decided to fill up three vacant senate positions with defeated recent Conservative candidates.
It did not take long to start an uproar. The opposition leaders already complained that thenext parliament hasn’t even opened and three patronage appointments were announced (this on top of naming the largest Canadian cabinet ever by a prime minister).
Since prior to becoming prime minister, Harper has always said that he wanted to have senate reform where the senators would be voted in and not appointed. Is he reneging on his promise?
Well since he became prime minister, he has constantly appointed Conservative friendly people to be senators. The latest three all lost in the recent elections. One appointee, former Montreal Alouette president, Larry Smith, resigned from the senate after 3 months to run for the Conservatives – only to lose on election night – and said he didn’t want to return to the senate.
Harper has the majority in both parliament and the senate. So when will he bring forward his so-called senate reform?
He already had a majority of senators that are pro-Conservative. He didn’t have to appoint these three – saving taxpayers about $130,000 a year for each senator. But I suspect he did so because when he decides to push through his senate reform bill a few pro-Conservative senators will vote against the reforms. After all, their job is guaranteed until age 70 (unless they quit or die). Their job may not be guaranteed after the senate reform.
They work in the senate roughly 69 days a year. Yes 69 days. That’s almost $2000 a day.
Can I get a job there?


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