Miscellaneous ramblings – part 2 [NHL, Chromebook]

The NHL has a few teams in the US scrambling because of financial problems. Phoenix and Atlanta are two of the hardest hit. At one point Phoenix was rumoured to come back to Winnipeg or even Hamilton. But that hasn’t happened.
Now a group is trying to by Atlanta and move them to Winnipeg in time for the next season. Personally, I won’t mind the extra Canadian team. Unfortunately there is a stumbling block and he has a name.
Gary Bettman. The commissioner of the NHL.
Seems [from most people’s impressions] he’s not a fan of any team moving to Canada or even adding a Canadian team in an expansion. Even with all the problems Phoenix had – losing money year after year and going bankrupt, he would rather have the NHL bail them out than have them move.
I can’t see them moving in time for the new season either as some said they could. This is mid-May. The NHL has to approve the sale. Funding is needed. Season tickets need to be sold. Hire extra staff as well as transfer some of the staff to Winnipeg [I can’t see most of those working in Atlanta willing to move to a cold climate like Winnipeg.

Google’s Chromebook is expected to be out before the end of spring. Chromebook will come with the new operating system Chrome OS. But Chrome OS is just another Linux OS. Its desktop will actually be the Chrome web browser that some of you are familiar with.
Who’s going to buy it? Just Linux users. Why? Consumers don’t want a Linux distro. They don’t know Linux. They’ll miss their favourite apps.
80% of netbook returns [at one point] was because consumers didn’t know Linux. [The remaining 20% was primarily related to the lack of horsepower of netbooks. Netbook sales have declined since the iPad and tablets came out.
Google wasted 2+ years of development for nothing. Only reason why a consumer will buy it will be the name. A week later, they’ll return it.


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